FREE Trend Trading Strategy Checklist Tutorial

Are you tired of still being unable to earn consistent profits through forex trading, even after trying out countless forex trading strategies which were ‘supposed’ to work?

Would you like to learn how to double your forex trading account using the proven risk and money management techniques used by professional traders and hedge funds?

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You see,

After teaching thousands of people how to become successful traders,

… I’ve watched some become wildly successful and others struggle to make money even though they use the same forex trading strategies to trade the markets.

And this is why,

… I decided to create a step by step, forex trading plan development crash course which would show my unsuccessful students how to create an amazing forex trading plan which will help them to achieve their forex trading goals.

The truth is,

Forex Trading Strategies are not all you need to become a consistently profitable trader.

Don’t believe me?

Well, try this.

Teach a group of traders how to trade using a simple forex trading strategy which is proven to work, time and time again, and then give them the same startup capital.

By the end of the year,

You’ll discover that these traders would have completely different trading results.

Some of them would earn insane amounts of profits; others would struggle really hard just to break even while others are going to lose money.

The reason why this happens is simply because trading success does not depend on forex trading strategies alone

Successful and consistently profitable trading is built upon 3 critical foundations.

  1. Trading Psychology
  2. Risk Management
  3. Trading Strategy

And this is why I strategically designed this crash course to show you what professional traders do to consistently squeeze profits out of the spot forex market, like clockwork.

So what are you waiting for?

Here’s what you’re going to learn in the course;

How To Set SMART Forex Trading Goals using the Professional Traders’, Forex Trading Plan Template.

– How To Remain Committed To Achieving Your Trading Goals during Strategy Drawdown Periods

– How To Trade Forex Without the Negative Side – Effects of Fear and Greed.

– And so much more!

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It’s a really No – Brainer.

See you on the inside.


Anas Abba

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P.P.S. I must warn you that this course is NOT a Magic Button or a Get – Rich – Quick Program which will transform you into an overnight millionaire without putting in any work.

… because it’s not.

In fact,

Do yourself a favour and run away from anyone who tries to sell that to you.


If you’re willing to learn and work hard to practice what you’ve learn with play money in a virtual trading environment until you establish a track record of profitability,

… before switching to Live Forex Trading,

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